New era hats

  1. So is anyone thinking about getting one of the new era hats? :supacool: I see JapanLa has some cute mens ones. I'm still up in the air about it, though. I normally don't wear hats but they are cute.
  2. I think quite a few are cute, but I DO NOT have a hat head. I look horrible in hats...
  3. Me too. I just wish it wasn't a trucker style those are harder to pull off.

    I have a von dutch one and I think I look a bit ridiculous when I wear that one. Lol.
  4. I like the hats and I look fine w/ them on it's just that after maybe an hr or so of wearing one I can't stand having it on my head anymore :lol: I want a military one still tho
  5. I have a stupid gargantuan head, so nothing fits on it, EVER. Yeah, it's true. :crybaby:
    but the hats are cute.
  6. Unfortunately what makes it harder is that the hat is fitted so you have to pick a size and hope you get the right size. I think I'm an 8 which is the biggest size they have. I wonder if they run on the small side? Just like everything else.
  7. My bf is a 7 3/4 which is pretty big... I have a wittle head compared to his :shocked: aren't fitted hats to be pretty much the same tho since they're in inches I think that's how they do it or something uniformed unlike female hats

    new era is making it so it should be the same as their other ones
  8. Hmm, I got the 8 inches from measuring the inside of my von dutch hat to get a better idea. I don't think I have a big head but it isn't small either. Sometimes I'll try on womens hats and they don't fit. It is pretty much hit or miss for me. I wish the hat was adjustable.
  9. teh link I just posted has measurements which might be the circumference? I suggest going to a sports store since new era does most of the sports caps out there from what I've seen :smile:
  10. I tried going to their site but all I get is their store front pic on the page and nothing else. It would be great if I could see their measurements or like you suggested go to a sports shop and find out my size.
  11. oh humm... i tested the link and it sent me straight to teh page... maybe because I visited it. Anywhoo it's on the left side click on cap sizes under cap info :smile:
  12. I've seen the toki hats and I think they look so awesome but like some of you posted ... I don't have a "hat head" either. No matter what kind of hat I wear ... it just doesn't look right. (not including my winter hat with bear ears or my gengki gang koala hat)
  13. I am SO excited for the new hats! I'm not really a hat person, but my husband loves me in them and since I have a new convertible car, I need to invest in one so that my face doesn't burn off! Haha!

    I do worry about the sizing though... I wish I knew where I threw my measuring tape!
  14. I really wanted a hat, but when I saw the price of $45 :push:or something like that, I decided against it. I don't wear hats enough to justify that price. But they are super cute.:girlsigh:
  15. i'm trying to hold out on tokidoki merchandise until sdcc *crosses fingers*