New Epi styles for fall/winter???

  1. Has anyone heard or seen of any new epi styles for fall? Please post any pics or info. Thanks!
  2. I would love to know...
  3. same here!
  4. me too! I have just been seeing a lot of MC. =(
  5. Epi is my favorite so I would like to know too!!
  6. Will there be new epi styles? If that's true, I can't wait!
  7. I popped into LV yesterday and she told me they will be coming out with new epi styles shortly. She also confirmed that they will be bringing out the camel suhali soon (not sure if you all knew that).
  8. oooh! Camel Suhali sounds so nice!
  9. I'd love to see new epi styles and I hope they come out with some new epi colors soon. I would love to see a lighter blue or a teal green.
  10. Shortly and soon? Did she happen to specify a date or must we all just suffer and wait? :winkiss:
  11. I can't wait to see pics!
  12. Nice, but probably a little out of my price range.:sad:
  13. Camel Suhali sounds gorgeous with that gold hardware. MmMMmMM
  14. I would love to see some new Epi styles! I hope they come out soon. I'd also love to see new colors - I wish they'd come out with something similar to the borneo green :heart:
  15. Do you think they will ever do Suhali with palladium hardware?