New Epi Speedy ????

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I live and work in Paris. When i got out of the office at Avenue Georges V in the end of the afternoon, i looked at the LV 101 champs élysées store display, and something very special catched my eye !!!!

    In the display, there were a Speedy 25, Keepall 45 & 2 Alma BB that were ALL WHITE leather ! I'm not sure it was epi though, i wasn't close enough to see it

    But i'm 100% sure it's all leather. No empreinte, no vernis, a beautiful mat leather and pure white color

    I've been searching a bit on TPF to get any information on it but couldn't find anything. Has anyone heard something about it ?

    I really wonder if it's going to be a part of the SC line or Epi or perhaps another leather ?

    Whatever, a 100% NO MONO leather Speedy is OUT ! :smile: and Keepall too
  2. Oooh, would be great to have a photo! No clue what this could be, sound exciting... hope someone can chime in with some info.

  3. I just called LV :

    It's TAURILLON LEATHER, SPEEDY AND KEEPALL will come out in this leather !!!

    Part of the PARNASSEA collection

    It's already available at 101 champs elysées and a few stores in France, but the launching date is around May 5th !

    It's soooo beautiful IRL. Should come out in more colors ! :smile:

    But unfortunately, epi speedy and keep all are not gonna come back ...
  4. thank you for the info did they say if any other styles or colors are coming out on may 5th?
  5. The person that talked to me said he couldn't tell me anything more. But it's stunning IRL, i'm not a fan or pure white color so i hope more colors will come out.

    I saw Speedy in 25, so i'm not sure 30 and 35 will come out
  6. I could be totally mistaken but I saw the all white bags yesterday. I asked the SA about them. He stated that they were actually plaster and not real bags but in the future the bags may be coming out.
  7. I have seen it munich too - but I think it was just decoration! you could def. tell they are not real bags...😊
  8. I saw it at bloomingdales too! They are just decorations, but I would love it if they came in white.:smile:
  9. I saw some white bags in my local LV's display and took a picture just for this thread :smile:

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  10. I saw the same type of window display at my mall a few days ago. For a moment it fooled me as I was thinking: Fabulous, a white Lockit! ;)
  11. Even the ones on display show dirt. Crazy!