new epi pochette strap breaking apart....HELP!!!

  1. After a whole EMS/USPS tracking fiasco (which i posted earlier about), I finally picked up my new-to-me black epi pochette from the post office yesterday, sent from let-trade. First of all, let-trade is amazing, because shipping was extremely fast, even though they didn't let me know that EMS tracking turns into USPS tracking. Second, epi leather is very impressive - even though the pochette is almost a decade old, it looks brand new! Only problem, I carried it out for the first time since getting it yesterday, and upon scrutinizing it in detail, I immediately noticed that the strap had broken in, the strap had split in the middle, so there is a huge gap in the middle. See attached pictures for a better idea. It's starting to split in another area of the strap also!! I have no idea what to do...I love this pochette, but it very easily splits more and more, and the gap is just going to get bigger. :cursing:What can I do? What are my options? Super glue is probably not a good idea since it'll probably make that section of the strap hard, right..? HELP!!!!!!!!


  2. Try calling 866 vuitton and see if you can get a brand new one. It might not be that expensive for the strap, the vachetta one is $58 bucks I think.
  3. Question: Has this happened with anyone else's pochettes or epi pochettes? Is this breaking apart due to its age?
  4. My yellow and blue one also split. It was a defect in the older models.
  5. ^^ What did you end up doing to fix it? :confused1:
  6. Traci's suggestion is good...since black is a color they still make. In addition, if this wasn't disclosed I would email let-trade and maybe they will give you a partial refund you can use towards a new strap. Sorry this happened :sad:
  7. I went to the boutique and it was replaced, but that was a long time ago. Don't know what it would cost today. You might want to take it to the boutique and inquire or they may have some readily available to purchase for as a replacement.
  8. I bought an old red epi replacment strap for my pochette too. It wasn't splitting it was just chipped.
  9. Yeah I'd take it in to the store to see whether they suggest having it repaired or just buying a new strap.
  10. this also happened to my mono pochette and epi pochette straps. both were older ones. i just glued them back together with regular glue. or you could take it to a leather or shoe repair shop and have them use glue made for leathers if you don't want to do it yourself. you could try that before going to buy a replacement one. might be able to save yourself $58+.
  11. oh my! that looks bad! try to see if let trade will refund some of it to get a new strao that wont split! im so sorry that happened!
  12. ahhhhhh
  13. bring it to a LV. pronto.
  14. :wtf: this is bad! I'd get a new strap
  15. I guess this happens when purchase something second-hand - you never know what you're really gonna get in the end. :s

    It's like the strap for another Mono Mat Fowler Pochette that someone posted a couple of days ago - it just snapped for no apparent reason.

    Can LV even do anything in this case? :confused1: I would send it back to let-trade for a full refund or at least he should reimburse you some amount :yes: