New Epi Jewelry Case

  1. Just saw this online :love: I can't believe it's only $750- considering it's leather, has heftier hardware, more pockets and better organization, it's still $55 cheaper than the mono Monte Carlo case.
    Epi case 1.JPG epi case 2.JPG
  2. it's really cute. i think it would be super cute just as a purse.

  3. wow!! that is such a great price, if it comes in the new purple epi.... it's mine's!
  4. I do hope it releases in a different colour, I'm loving it, but not in red.
  5. I :heart: it!
  6. Wow, I really like it and love the price .... :nuts:
  7. That's so cute! And a good price too :tup:
  8. I saw this at the boutique yesterday....
    It's actually very small, in person. I think it's kinda pricey for the size...but cute!
  9. love it but wonder how muhc u can put in it...:confused1:
  10. its SUPER small
  11. I really like it, such luxury!
  12. ME TOO
  13. ha didn't even look at the dimensions :p But you're right 6" long isn't too big. Still considering it though- my entire jewelry collection could still fit in there.
  14. Very cute. I'd want to see it IRL though.
  15. nice, i like the jewelery in it too!:graucho: