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  1. The new EPI FELICIE is available at my local store! So beautiful IRL, the price is 1100usd......and inside of the purse is the microfiber material which makes the purse looks more fancy!
    Which color combo do you love more? Or the original mono version?
    I love the EPI version but I prefer a gold chain which I can attach to some other SLGs like Eva, pochette.......
    The EPI FELICIE only comes with the silver hardware!
  2. Tough choice ... Like both on you
    I love the silver hardware as it has updated epi to be more modern and fresh:heart:
  3. I like the pink/blueberry more , it growing on me!
    But I do like the mono one and wanna use he gold chain on my other SLGs
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  4. I like the grey and neon one on you! I think it looks so elegant and edgy at the same time. The pink and blueberry is more "cute", in my opinion. They both look great though! But, you can't go wrong with mono. I like microfiber inside too!
  5. Yeah, I have to admit that the neon/grey match well! And the pink/ blueberry is always a "oh,wow" at the first sight ! I wonder why not the balarina/pink combo! The hot pink and blueberry is way "too" color block!
  6. I LOVE the neon one! The combo is so unexpected, yet elegant. The other, although so pretty, is more cute rather than stunning.
  7. the grey and neon is stunning and fresh on you!
  8. There's something very edgy and cool about the neon/grey bag- it's definitely eye catching
  9. Love them x
  10. The more I look at it, the more I'm liking the neon/gray combo!