New Epi Colour

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  1. I recently went to LV here in London and the SA told me that there will be a new colour to the Epi line in february:
    white with a grey lining.
    Do not know if anyone posted that before and have no idea how reliable that information is but thought I share...have a lovely weekend and lots of nice purchases:yes:!

    (Am very tempted to get my christmas present to myself early...decided on a red passy pm...:shame: )
  2. That sounds gorgeous!!!
  3. londonholly i was just going to start this very thread! :yes:
  4. :nuts: White sounds lovely. You have a nice weekend too. I actually saw the red Passy PM today and it's very cute:love:
  5. white soufflot... hmmmm yumm... hmmm
  6. sounds yummy!
  7. my SA told me that next year, LV will introduce a new line/color each month :shrugs:
  8. wow really chloe? A new color would be great! I want more purples and blues!
  9. Does that only apply to Epi?
  10. Oh~ I am so About That!:yahoo:
  11. Wow... the sooner the better!
  12. Wow a white epi now that would be really fun and practical:smile:
    Thanks for the info:smile:
  13. Wow will it be tough to keep clean :sad:
  14. oh wow i can't wait to see it! i've always wanted a durable white bag. would the color be limited or permanent? :nuts:
  15. Ooh, I'll love a white Epi. Thanks for sharing.