New EPI Colour - ANy pics ANy one!??!?!

  1. Hi Everyone, there has been mention in passing threads of a new lilac-esque colour coming out for Epi however I haven't seen any pictures - does anyone have a visual? Many thanks in advance!

    *Ready, Set, Drool* :smile:
  2. I don't think there has been any pics of the new purple Epi yet.
  3. Does anyone know when it's coming out???
  4. There isn't even a projected date yet, I'd also like to know about it. :yes:
  5. i would love to see some pics too!! :yes:
  6. I would love to see some pic as wel.. not sure abt the launch date either.. !!
  7. Oooooh, sounds nice! :yes:
  8. I hope this will come out by the end of the year *fingers crossed*.
  9. Aww...*sigh* guess we all have to be patient. I thought the date was around November-ish end of this year? Perhaps I am wrong...
  10. Me too. I need my all-weather bag for the winter!
  11. what kind of purple?:tender:
  12. OMG! I wonder thought is it going to be lilac? Haven't we already had a light purple/ lilac epi? I'D LOVE a deep purple, like a grape juice colour! MMMM!
  13. Mmm, that sounds nice as well. Any shade of purple gets an approval from me :yes:
  14. I'd like a lavender colour!
  15. I am hoping for a lavender/periwinkle too - much like the lavande vernis except that sometimes appears to be akin to a light blue, rather than purple...