New Epi colors?

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  1. Is it just me or has it been a while since a new Epi color was introduced. I really like the classic black, but I'm not a big fan of the canelle and the red seems to bright to me IRL. Does anyone know what the new color is and when is it coming out? Thanks!
  2. There's a white epi that is coming out soon.
  3. I thought I read somewhere on here that they are coming out with another vanilla color, and they might introduce a new color each month. Not sure, but that's what I read. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  4. A new color each month? That's a little Coach-esque!
  5. I'm really looking forward seeing what kind of white the new colour will be!! I don't have any epi pieces yet but depending on the shade of white, something like that might just be my first. As moka and mandarin are no longer available :crybaby:
  6. yea same here!! i'm a big fan of white bags so I cant wait to see this new color, first epi bag for me if I like it :nuts:

  7. I remember reading that thread about a new color each month. Personally, I find that hard to believe. It would be so unlike LV. Do you know what I mean?
  8. the discontinued colours recently is mandarin and red, the new 2007 colour is white
  9. When will the white color be available? I would die for a white wallet :smile:
  10. Yup saw pic of the new white Epi...looks really pretty. I suggest going into the boutique bc they should have the 'look book' and you can drool over all of the new stuff!!

  11. Oooh, I'm excited! Can't wait! I don't have anything epi (yet), so I'm pretty stoked about these new colors.
  12. I cant wait to see White Epi IRL!!!
  13. ITA! A new epi color each month would be very nice and all, but it just wouldn't be the same. I don't think LV would do that considering that they are somewhat quite exclusive. Now, if they came out with another gorgeous lilac color, then I'd be a happy camper.:smile:
  14. I want hot pink!! LOL
  15. I want burgundy. :love:

    But honestly I really really really want a Mandarin Speedy 25. Oh if only Santa could pull that one off. :P