New Epi Colors!!!

  1. Hello everyone,
    I got some new info on the upcoming epi line. The release date is set for Jan. 1, 2012!!! There will be 15 colors 4 of which will be in the new Eip Electric (epi and vernis mixed), the remainder will be matt Epi. There will be a turquoise, pink, lavender, gris, black, navy blue, yellow, orange, prune, red, white, light blue, Some of the colors did not have names yet but they looked great! The SA told me there wil be matching belts and keychains! I think she said they are going to call it Rainbow or something like that. I saw all of this on her computer screen at the store from an email from headquarters. I am so excited! Thanks for reading! HAPPY/SAFE HOLIDAYS!!!:smile:
  2. Do you know what bags will be in these new colors? The Gris and lavender sound fab!!
  3. Ohhhh and navy too!!
  4. I am so excited!! Thanks for sharing!!
  5. thanks for the update!
  6. many thanks for the update
  7. Yes as far as the SA knows it is going to be in the alma and the large alma ( i dont know if she meant alma bb) But i cant wait!!!!
  8. omg,i hope we will have alma bb in new color epi:smile:
  9. I cant wait to see the wallets! i hope they comeout with the zippy, with the two color combo (my choice black outside, Pink inside-or hot green!!!!):woohoo:
  10. Crossing my fingers and toes that the new epi colors will be in Alma BB!

    Do you think the hardware will be gold or silver?

    Thanks for the spy info!
  11. Sweet! I'm an Epi girl and I can't wait for new colors!!
  12. When she showed me the screen, there was 15 different almas staring at me i was shocked! I didnt notice what the hardware looked like, i am sorry. :sad: i would think it would be a mix depending on the color of the bag.
  13. 15 différents almas,see you an alma bb?
  14. ooooohhh can't wait to see the almas....
  15. :faint:I'm so excited that I can't stand it!