New epi colors question

  1. Will LV issue all the bags in grenade & cassis? Like, say speedies?????
  2. I've been told 2 differnt stories. My store says yes and the 1 866 vuitton said no.
  3. Oh man, I sure hope they do! I'd kill for a speedy in cassis!
  4. I have been told no speedies...
  5. UGH! I would slap somebody for a speedy in cassis!!!! I saw the cassis bags today and it is SUCH a great color- in bright light it looks a bright rich deep purple but in lower light it looks like it is a beautiful burgundy-ish brown-ish purple. It would be FABULOUS in a speedy!!!!!!
  6. It could happen- really depends on how popular the color turns out to be (and therefore how long it'll be available).
  7. True! If it's a hit, I'm sure they'll make speedies.
  8. I REAAAALLLY REAAAALLLY want a keepall in this! haha
  9. i was told it everything will come in the new colours, except any styles that are to be discontinued in the near future. my s.a. told me it just may take some time, but it will be part of the regular collection until they decide to discontinue it

    i asked specifically about the speedy and alma, and she said of course they will be available in the new colours, because they are the signature styles of the house...i just hope its true!
  10. I would LVoe a Cassis Speedy and Petite Noe & a Grenade Lockit and Jasmin!:love:
  11. I was hoping for a Cassis Speedy.
  12. ^ that would be gorgeous
  13. I want a Cassis Speedy and a Grenade Alma!! I hope they're going to have those colors in those styles. LV here in Manila is launching the new colors tomorrow, so I'll give them a call and ask the SAs if they've heard anything about them.
  14. I heard no Speedys..
  15. I love both the colors!!:love: