New Epi Color...white Or Ivory???

  1. I spoke with CSR and was told the color is ivory, but my SA said white, so now I'm just confused? :confused1:
  2. I think white is more an ivory would look too close to the vanilla they had out years ago
  3. It looks more like a stark white in the pics?!?!?
  4. I think it's more like a whitish gray - like a dove white
  5. I think it'll be a pure "White-Out" white. That was the way it appeared in the product binder.
  6. Can't wait to see IRL...
  7. when is this coming out???
  8. :yes: i hope its white.white. do you know when it's coming out?
  9. I think March 1st?? Not positive though.
  10. -- Couturegrl,

    may you know the styles will avalaibe in this color? Soufflot & Speedy30? Thanks
  11. I saw it in the lookbook catalog @ my local LV counter. It said "ivory" but the color looked white, with a grey-ish tint to it? At least from what I remember, I was in a rush so I just glanced it over. The baby blue diaper bag was cute though!
  12. Hi, I got told that its Ivory :confused1:
  13. I think all the current Epi styles will be available in this new white color.
  14. I was told the color is ivory too!

    What's up Plum?
  15. oooh...i've been dying for lv to come out with a white epi speedy. that's awesome.