New epi color on E-lux! Pretty!

  1. Louis VuittonEpi Leather Key and Change Holder$205.00
    Made of elegantly tasteful Epi leather, this clever little accessory will keep your keys and change discreetly tucked away in your bag or pocket.
    • Epi textured leather with leather lining
    • Zipper closure
    • Attached key clasp
    • Links to the D-ring found in most Louis Vuitton bags
    • 5"x 3"
  2. Is that pink? I love it
  3. Does it have gold or silver hardware?
  4. I saw that IRL it's very pretty! It has silver hardware. I didn't like how the seam is on the back of the clés:tdown:
  5. Sooooo pretty!! i want a small wallet to fit inside my damier sophie.
  6. It's more purple than pink and hardware in picture is silver.
  7. That's a really pretty color! Get it now!
  8. Oooh~~ That's a really pretty color!!
  9. LVOE the colour!
  10. I didn't see that -- How is it different than the other cles?
  11. If only they would make it in a Speedy or Lockit......
  12. Is that the new "purple" we've been hearing about?
  13. Super hott ... is that the Pomegranate?? Pinky-purple....?
  14. WOW WOW WOW. Love that color! Off to Elux....
  15. the color is so pretty... what it's called ?