new epi color news?

  1. anyone know whats happening with this?
  2. bumpp
  3. want to know also...anyone with any news?:shrugs:
  4. i haent heard anything. but with canelle going that only leaves red black and ivory so maybe there will be after christmas.
  5. I think EPI will be comeing in Purple.
  6. I would love to see a deep burgundy EPI.
  7. something the colour of red wine would be nice. but purpley burgundy was my school uniform so id hate that.
  8. omg me too :drool:
  9. deep burgundy like the undertone of the amarante would be gorgeous :tup:
  10. Pink would be cute too!
  11. any new color would be fun...
  12. Oh yes, that would be fabulous.
  13. I'd love turquiose bright caribbean sea turquiose! or maybe baby blue the colour of the mens S/S bags