1. Is this it??
    HERE! :nuts:
  2. yup.... it's real!!
  3. both colors are so gorgeous!
  4. yep... epi is georgeus isnt it... I am waiting for the new epi colors... espcly purple one.. yummyyyyy
  5. Great find - I love them both!
  6. Yep we've talking about for a while and had the pics in fact those look like our pics you'll find it in the Spring Summer summary pics thread
  7. yup, stolen pictures! :wtf:
  8. ^ I have a feeling the owner of those pics also owns the blog...I read the blog entry itself and it says something like "I've wanted the Sunset Boulevard since it came out but since it was a display piece I didn't get it so I was just able to pick it up today. I really wanted to cry but it was worth the wait..."
  9. Thanks for the translation Karman.