New Empreinte Raisin!!!

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  1. Here is the pic from SA with the Sarah and Zippy in Raisin Empreinte. Reminds me a little of Aurore but brighter I think? Just wanted to share :idea:

  2. So pretty!! It's gorgeous!
  3. Very pretty!
  4. Nice! Will they make a key pouch in this color?
  5. Thank you for sharing! This looks nothing like the raisin in their photos from the website! :hrmm:

    I really wonder what's going on with these colors and the photoshopping!
    Grape was a pinkish/reddish color, blueberry wasn't blackish-blue-purple but bright blue with purple undertones...

    Pretty, but not exactly what I think of when someone says "raisin."
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  6. Not sure about that. I'm still hoping they expand it to include the cles and Emilie!! Fingers crossed!
  7. I agree! It looks dark purple on the site but definitely not that color in the Empreinte leather!!
  8. I would love to see it side by side with an aurore item, as it looks very similar to me!
  9. Very pretty!
  10. I really need to see this one in person, along with Mastic. I suspect it'll be too pinkish still for me, but I certainly want to check it out!
  11. The Raisin on my Alma BnB looks very, very different in different lights. When I posted pictures of it I realized how very different it looked in my room from the website. Later, in a restaurant, I was showing my husband how different the 2 pictures were but then they looked identical.

    A color that can really change in lights.
  12. Thank you for sharing that photo, hart88hart. Raisin looks as beautiful as Aurore!
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  13. Raisin is lovely. I think Aurore is slightly brighter. Most would think Raisin looks closer to Aubergine.
  14. Saw this Mazarine in Empreinte Raisin on the US website. Odd, colour is different from the Sarah and Zippy pic. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468892648.167683.jpg
  15. I can't wait to see what other bags come in this color
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