New Emilie Blooms in Bleu Jean

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  1. Hi All! I hope everyone is well and enjoying their LV items in good health.

    Today I picked up my Emilie Blooms (ordered online and picked up in the boutique) and noticed the lifting on the flap when empty. The SA said it would relax down. I'm not familiar with this wallet and wish I had asked to see some others to compare, but I was in a hurry. I do notice the LV photos of the wallet online show the flap flat when empty. I have put in some items, and taken some pictures. The wallet is by no means full as you can see. If Emilie owners agree the flap will relax, I'll keep the wallet. If not, this would bother me and I'll exchange or return it. I have plenty of other wallets-just thought this one was super cute.

    I know many TPF members get aggravated by people asking about their purchases. No need to respond if that is you. And I do understand that if the wallet doesn't make me happy, I should return, no need to point that out. And yes, I did read the Clubhouse thread.

    IMG_3835.jpeg IMG_3837.jpeg IMG_3833 2.jpeg IMG_3832.jpeg
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  2. Don’t have an Emilie, so can’t help with that ( although I would also think like your SA and tend to think that it would soften and go down a bit....just appears stiff), but just want to say I LOVE the color!! Hope you enjoy it immensely if you end up keeping it!
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  3. I don't have this wallet but I do think it's normal though.
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  4. It's a really cute wallet! I love bag charms and have several, so this built in charm makes me smile. Another boutique in Dallas has this wallet and also the Clemence with the charm and the same coloring, so I'm considering bringing it in and possibly exchanging.

    Thank you for the reply.
  5. I hope it's normal to be curled up but that it relaxes. I'll give it a few days on my dresser to sit and look pretty, but if within a week if it still bothers me, I'm considering exchanging for the Clemence in the some color-way which also has a charm on the zipper pull. My favorite wallets are Zippys, so perhaps that is a better fit for me.
  6. This is why I sold my Sarah wallet. I just couldn’t stand that slight lift in the flap. If anything it got a little bit worse with time. I suspect you’re not going to be happy with this wallet.
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  7. The only thing I read in the Emilie/ Josephine Clubhouse is that the curling got worse for someone who had curling at the time of purchase. I don't think they all do it, I think it was luck of the draw.

    Thanks for your reply.