New Emerald Jewel!

  1. Seeing the Emeralds in 'bama's S/S 06 bag show 'n tell thread, made me realise how much I wanted one. When I first saw the Balenciagas in May of 06, there was an Emerald Day and I loved the colour, not the style of the bag, I am a Twiggy girl, and they had the Cornflower Twiggy and I loved it as well. I would have been there far, far longer if they had had an Emerald and a Cornflower Twiggy. Both my SA Debbie and I should thank my lucky stars they didn't, I would still be standing in front of the two of them trying to make up my mind!! I bought the Cornflower and still love her, but the Emerald is just beautiful.

    On Friday I called around, found that BalNY and Aloha Rag had them in, but I wanted to choose my own bag, so I took a shot and called Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour, Miami, FL to see if they had it. They had two, so Mayra held them both for me to look at. I left home at 7pm, knowing they closed at 9pm. I live about 40 - 50 miles away, however I got lost, landed up on South Beach going south, way wrong direction. I am on 18th street, I call NM to find out which is their cross street. 96th. 96th??? 96th!!! It's 8:25 and I have 25 minutes to go 78 blocks with lights?!? So I raced and made it!!

    The emeralds were beautiful! One more veiny and even in tone than the other. They had a lovely selection of Balenciagas. They had Blueberry, Sapin, Grenat, Ink (which was a deep purple in their lights), Truffle, 06 Camel/ Cognac in all different styles, as well as other Balenciagas, the hook bags, the bag that the Apple Garde messed up in another thread - very beautiful in person! All beautiful. I had come for the Emerald, but almost chose between that and the Camel/ Cognac and the Truffle was gorgeous. I just figured they release some variation on brown every season, the Emerald is here now.

    So here are pictures of her. I love the veininess, and will love her more when she is less shiny (it's happening to my Rouille). I still have to Apple Garde her.

    Pictures 1 and 2 were taken in direct sunlight, Picture 3 was taken in shaded sunlight, Picture 4 was taken in flourescent light with natural light over my shoulder.

    I wish you well,

    Emerald Twiggy 01.jpg Emerald Twiggy 02.jpg Emerald Twiggy 03.jpg Emerald Twiggy 04.jpg
  2. ooh.. it's gorgeous! the colour really striking but still calm :P
  3. Beautiful!! I just love emerald anything! congrats!
  4. Gorgeous bag Bridget. The things we do for these bags. I'm glad you got there safely!

    I'm loving the Twiggy style in this color. Congrats.
  5. soooooo pretty!! Congrats on your new bag!!!!!
  6. What a beauty! Congratulations!!!
  7. I LOVE it!!! I never got to see the emerald IRL b/c the Barney's where I am didn't order that color! I finally saw the emerald in the weekender and first at another store (Gretta Luxe) a few weeks ago and fell in love with the color!!! It is TDF!!! If they had it in a city or work I would have bought it in a heart beat!
  8. That is so pretty!! I hope to have an emerald in my colleciton one day.
  9. LOVE your story leading up to the purchase,, Bridget!! cute... I'm so glad you found your dream emerald Twiggy!! She's a real beauty. :love: Thanks for taking all the pics of her to share with us. The emerald color is fabulous and I love it in the Twiggy style !! Congratulations!! :flowers:
  10. oh, i'm so glad you got it! the pictures look gorgeous and emerald is such a lovely color! congratulations, bridget!
  11. Congratulations, bridget! Its beautiful...enjoy!
  12. Ohhh bridget! Your twiggy collection is multiplying very fast! And I love every single one of them! Emerald is soooo pretty, gorgeous, striking, yet soothing, love it! And thanks for sharing your story too, always enjoy reading them :yes:
  13. pretty!
  14. CONGRATS bridget ...:flowers: your emerald jewel is just TDF :tender::love:
  15. That is such a beautiful jewel color-- thanks for sharing!!!