New Emerald Elisha + Pics!

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  1. My Elisha from BlueFly arrived one day earlier than expected!
    I think this purse is lovely! There are a few slight problems, though--the hardware is somewhat tarnished, and there are 3 scratches on the purse. I'm not sure if these are irregularities or if, perhaps, this purse has been used before? What do you think--keep or return?
    (Also, excuse the outfit--I just finished playing tennis! I also snuck in a pic of my Tangerine love!).
  2. GORGEOUS! The tarnish can be fixed, I think, with normal polish (a lot of people have had this problem). As for the scratches, it's something you have to be able to live with. The bag was probably just handled roughly before it got to you. You probably won't be able to find another emerald Elisha, so you have to decide if you love the bag more than you hate the scratches. I would keep it because it's rare and eventually the bag will get scratched anyway.
  3. That is such a beautiful bag and color. I say keep it. I also love your Tangy baby.
  4. I would keep it!
  5. That is one gorgeous color!! In my opinion it's really hard to find bags that don't have any kind of blemish. This leather is so soft that it can scuff just by the graze of a finger nail. It doesn't look that bad to me but it's your bag and you have to live with it!! Tarnished hardware doesn't bother me either.. it gives it an antiqued look.. but that's JUST me.
    Did you pay full price or get a discount?
  6. I got a scratched up Matinee from Bloomies and with a little leather conditioner they disappeared and the bag looked good as new.
    Beautiful color though:drool: and it looks like a perfect size.
  7. Omg!! That is so beautiful!!! Congrats!! :girlsigh:

    I am not sure about the scratches but I know the older RM bags have the brass hardware and anyone feel free to correct me but I think it is supposed to have the "tarnished" look to it. My MAM has the tarnished HW but I love it and think it makes it look vintage. But they will clean up like others have said, it can be polished with brasso (i think)!! Etiher way, the Emerald green is gorgeous!!! I would hold on to it!:yes:
  8. :nuts:OOOooooh! Ok, now I understand the big deal about the Emerald color. Wow. Ok. That's TDF.

    That bag is lovely. I'd take it to a cobbler and see what they can do. If you do return it, please give us a head's up! :graucho:
  9. Keep it! Its a lovely bag!

    Like the gals said, scratches can be removed with conditioner!
  10. keep it! it looks great on you

    and alos.....
    I LOVE YOUR TANGY MAM!!!!!!!! :love:
  11. Thanks for the kind words!
    To answer littlerock80's question, I purchased this purse for $331 (including s&h), so I really got quite a deal on it!
    I didn't know that the scratches could be so easily eliminated by using conditioner--knowing this, I'm feeling inclined to keep the purse (plus the color is just amazing, and I love the dual straps).
    staciesg26, your hardware looks as if it has been bumped around a lot and kind of has discoloring along it? If this is how it's supposed to look, I would feel a lot better about it--are there any other emerald Elisha (e^2) owners who could comment?
  12. Gorgeous bag!! Looks perfect on you. How tall are you btw?
  13. I think Emerald is one of the most gorgeous colors RM has ever produced! Its mesmerizing!
  14. this is such a nice color.
    ive had it with bluefly and ordering things from them and not being in the exact condition i'd expect it to be in. but you really cant beat the price. lol

    i think you should keep it!
  15. daphodill84, I am standing proud at 5'3! I thought I was 5'4 until I found out that I was only 5'3. I might even be 5'2, which is incredibly disappointing if true. ;_; Anyway! It's a really nice-sized purse (I love larger purses)!