New Eluxury Offerings . . .

  1. The new Bosphore bags are on Eluxury . . . and they're cheap! The Messenger GM is already sold out. . . it's only $900!
  2. THANKS!!!! :biggrin:

    I usually don't type in caps... but today's an exception... I NEED THAT MONOGRAM CANVAS SAC A DOS BOSPHORE... NOW!!!! I usually don't like backpacks, but the pockets got me. :drool: :drool:
  3. I can unserstand you on that one! I ordered it a couple of days ago. Its my first LV.
  4. Where? I looked but did not see it!
  5. Sac à Dos Bosphore are sold out also. I ordered mine just in time.
  6. what do they look like?

  7. [​IMG] ITs my first LV but I have my eyes on others! Its larger than I expected. Great bag for me! Hubby likes it and and thinks its a bargain !
  8. i want it and i will get it=)