New Elux Arrivals!!!

  1. Elux New Arrivals

    Has anyone gotten any of these yet from Elux?
    I love that Onatah Leather Pochette!!! :yahoo:

    Onatah Leather Pochette$1,260.00
  2. I agree, this pochette is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i saw that pochette today and it's pretty. but i'm on the list for the gm though :yahoo:
  4. Oh, I love it. Are they limited edition?
  5. Aaaaaw, what a color :love:
  6. The pochette:love: The price:wtf:
  7. Who got the Aubergine GM the other night? Sorry, but I have a terrible problem remembering names. It is such a gorgeous color & the pics she took really show how gorgeous it is.
  8. That bag is HOT!!! Love that color.
  9. few prices for you.
    new .jpg
  10. That color is gorgeous!
  11. Fetish, the Speedy is not showing in your print screen....guess you took it before they updated it with the Speedy.

    Here's the Speedy Lin on Elux's new arrivals...I love this bag too!

    Monogram Mini Lin Speedy 30$675.00

  12. thanks for posting that.
  13. I can't find it - is it gone?
  14. oooh it's lovely! thank you for sharing!!

    :smile: every time I visit this forum, i am immediately link over to eluxury... is that addiction or obsession?? :confused1: :P
  15. Oh! I love it :drool: