New Electric Blue SGH money wallet Pic

  1. A really fab SA sent this from Nordstrom , Sacramento (ask for Sarah Hinkle) if you want this, it is limited.

    I didn't post this in shopping b/c I thought a lot of members would like to see this simply for color reference. It is a dead ringer for FB, IMHO.

  2. WOW - now THAT is what I imagined EB to be like!!!!!

    Absolutely AMAZING!
  3. Very pretty.

    There's just something about the silver hardware that adds such richness to Bal.
  4. Ooohhh, that is really gorgeous!! I love the SGH!!
  5. I love it with the SHW!
  6. wow i'm drooling!
  7. oh wow, its stunning. :wtf::drool:
  8. Thanks for posting! EB looks really pretty with the SGH :drool:
  9. I think the lighting makes it a little more electric. Or the EB City I saw at NM today could have been bad lighting. I didn't find it as electric as some peoples pics. :shrugs:
  10. thank you for sharing ~ :flowers: ~ i so can't wait for my eb to arrive ~ from all the pics it's everything i hoped it would be ~ :love:
  11. What an amazing color! Looks great with SGH! :love:
  12. Fabulous color!!!!
  13. hot! totally love it!
  14. I want, I want, I want! :nuts:
  15. Thanks for the pic, Shasta!

    Did you see the TDF EB SGH CP in swissflower's thread? OH.MY.BE.STILL.MY.BEATING.HEART!