New Elasticized Ramona

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  1. Here is another beauty--the elasticized python ramona $3,695




  2. Well... I sure wouldn't kick it out of bed!!! That's gorgeous!
  3. V_o - you crack me up!

    lionlaw - I saw that one at Nordies last week. I had to call robynbenz that very second and ask her if she wanted me to ask the SA to hold it, lol. I luuuurrrve that bag. Isn't the elasticized python so cool? If that one makes it to the sale and the Beale doesn't, I will have to get it. Are you going to get that one or the metallic python Mahala?
  4. Yes, this one is AMAZING :nuts: and this is actually the one DH loved :tup:

    I was wrong, when I posted he pointed this one out to me at Nordie's this was the bag and not the Snake/Suede one as I mentioned in another thread:blush:

    I think lionlaw should buy both :queen: then we can live vicariously through her :party:
  5. You are training him well. I think if my DH ever noticed one of my bags, I'd fall over.
  6. You know your right!:tup:
    And If I Did my math right....:graucho:
    Lionlaw would still be able to buy a 3rd Choo!:choochoo:
    For the price of that Croc bag she was going to get!

    GO! LIONLAW GO!:dothewave:GO! LIONLAW GO!

  7. As I'm a much bigger fan of the Riki over the Ramona, I tend to just look at any Ramona and think "that's nice". But not this is TDF!! :girlsigh:

    I am so with Jburgh on this one....I "luuurrrve" it too! :love:
  8. Hun? This is not always a bad thing!:nogood:

    Thank God that to my DH when it comes to boots black suede is black suede is black suede.... :P's a bit different for Ethel. Mr. Mertz has been dressed up in Lederhosen and flown halfway around the world for a JC bag....I'm sure by now he notices the subtle nuances in Ethel's bags! :roflmfao:
  9. Isn't that the truth :Push:
  10. Hey Stinker, NOW Just Wait A Minute!:P

    Some of us DH's DO Notice!:tup:
    And DO Care!:tup:

    And you bet I would have noticed those AWESOME! looking Dior Black Suede Boots you bought!:drinkup::party::drinks:

  11. Thank you Matt! :yes:

    I think having a DH who notices our pricey extravagances is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it is nice to have a guy who pays attention to the details....on the other hand it seems to me that right after the "wow, I LOVE those boots!", how much were they? :Push: And me, what with having George freaking Washington somewhere in my family tree....can not tell a lie! :P Oh...I try! But ack...I can NOT look someone in the eye when I tell a lie! I always avert my eyes and my oh so observant DH noticed that many moons ago so I'd rather he just think that "black suede is black suede is black suede"!! ;)

    Although that particular pair of boots he didn't mind. They were meant to be a cheer me up purchase and you know what? There are some things that happen in life that not even the finest black suede can make better. :sad:
  12. Aw Stinker,

    At least he was sweet enough to realize that you miss the Grandson!:hugs:
    That would be a tough one!:yes:
    My:heart: heart:heart: goes out to you on that one!

    Maybe DH needs to get you a New Jimmy Choo Ring Bag maybe that would help!:P:graucho:

  13. Awww...Big group hug for Stinker! We love you. You need to get that webcam I for you and one for your now far away family.
    :hugs: :love: :hugs: :heart: :hugs: :love: :hugs:
  14. Thank you Matt and Jburgh! :love::love::love:

    My DH's laptop has a web cam and DD has also bought one, and that will help for sure. But you know what I fear? You know how when you get too close to those things you look like a fish?? Omg....what if Jesse thinks his grandma is a fish? He'll be scared to death of me when I actually go to see him! :P

    To quote the wise and wonderful Pooh...."oh bother". :s
  15. Well I only see one answer to this!

    Your going to have to learn how to fly!:wtf:

    Hey If Colette can do it NOW!
    So can you!
    Sure I lost 95% hair on my Left arm and 20% of my flesh but we made it to Hawaii :love:7 years ago 04/07/01!
    Now it not near as bad she actually likes to fly!:heart:

    Some things in life are worth taking that plunge and I think you just may have found your reason!:yes:
    After all we can't have Jesse thinking his Grandma is a FISH!:nogood:
    That would so NOT be You Stinker!:P