New Edun/LV collab yields KeepAll and Bag Charm

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Edun Charm and Bag/Charity or Pure Promo for LV

  1. I never thought much of Edun anyway. Edun who?

  2. I liked Edun clothes, sorry to see them lose their focus

  3. It's a hot bag charm, none of the rest of them are ethical so who cares?

  4. Bono's involved so regardless, I'm not

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  1. So ... LV now owns a big chunk of Ali Hewson's Edun -- which btw is no longer making much more than T-Shirts in Africa -- they've outsourced to China citing quality control issues. LV has rushed to rescue the flailing business and has a gorgeous Annie Leibowitz fashion shoot with Edun ethics tie in essays.

    So, will you spring for the 650+ Bag Charm? It's ebony, it's kind of tribal, and a portion is supposed to go to charity -- though what portion I'm not sure. The keepall has to be at least 3500 if not more -- no price published.

    Ilvoelv has the best shots:

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  2. I looked it up on the LV website, the keepall and charm come together I think, not really sure. Retails for $4900.

    A lot of money, but it looks very classic and beautiful.
  3. Am hoping you can just get the piece - some aussie girl mentioned a price to just buy the charm -- said it sounds cool like a rain stick ...
  4. I think it's cool... It's called the Masaï bag charm and retails for AUD$665! HTH!! :smile:
  5. I love the charm!
  6. I like the charm too .. I wonder how much the bag is here?
  7. Probably the best charm I have seen from LV. But no, I will not purchase it.
  8. Cute, but I don't think I'll buy it. =(
  9. Called LV -- the Aussie info is wrong according to them -- you can't get the charm without the bag -- bag and charm are 4900 -- it's a Keepall 45 and the charm is handmade.
  10. I definitely thought of you !!!
  11. I Love this bag!!
  12. That charm is stunning! :nuts: I won't be buying it - that money will be put towards SLG or another bag.

    I do think it calls for a trip to the bead store though! I might try my own "inspired by" version with tribal beads.
  13. It's nice. It's something I would love as a gift but would not buy on my own
  14. Is this just a Revelation Keepall in a new colour?
  15. very nice but I will not buy it