New Edith Style

  1. I am liking the new Edith just posted at! It looks like it's easier to get into than the medium Edith and this is definitely a shoulder bag. Here's the pic:


    What do you think?
  2. I like it. I also like the addition of the straps down the side.
  3. I like that too! Wow, I really like it.

    I'll wait for the sale though. :shame:

    Can we have the link, how much? (Curiousity?)
  4. And how big is the bag?
  5. No size on the website but it retails for $1,600. Pricey!
  6. Love it! But I am with Ella; I will wait for the sale.
  7. Nope its just not getting me - sorry. I think it looks quite cheapy.
  8. but then hey I didn't like the original Edith so what do I know!!!!!!
  9. I like this new version, nice big pocket on the front plus zippered one (love pockets to organise myself) & the shoulder straps are great!
  10. secret_shopaholic, that's what I thought when Chloé first came out with the Edith. What is this hideous looking thing with huge contrast stitching? This after the Paddington? Then I saw it IRL at the store and changed my mind.
  11. I like it.
  12. Mmmmmmmmm........ I dont like it, it looks like a nappy bag to me. It lost its appeal with the longer handles. Not for me but I can see it is more user friendly than the original Edith. I love my medium Edith. Surprisingly I used it more than any of the other bags!! I find it very versatile.
  13. What about colours??
  14. Its cute. Looks like it could be worn on the shoulders!
  15. I like it. It looks easy to carry, easy to get into and easy on the eye!:yes: