New Edith Shopper

  1. it's edith in cute LV shopper style!!!
    love ittt :yahoo:
    retails for $1380 at BG
  2. Gosh, I love it too. I had returned my edith because it was too briefcasey for me (I carry a briefcase), but this is cute. And it looks like you can put it on your shoulder too.
  3. yeah, the shoulder strap seems so comfortable.
    i fell in love with lv denim shopper, but when i saw this i changed my mind, this bag is wayyy better :yahoo:
    don't have the money to buy one now though :crybaby:
  4. Has anyone seen this bag in the Whiskey color?! I'd love it in that shade... Is it out in stores yet?
  5. never saw it in store till now :crybaby:
    but dying to see it too!
  6. Ohhhh, I like this! Must go see this one in person!
  7. i've been searching for this style for a couple of weeks...if anyone sees one in person i'd love a report!
  8. ^^Me too!!!!
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