New Edith Satchel

  1. I don't know if anyone saw this but I think this one might look a little better than the Edith (regular).
    BGV7570_ap.jpg BGV7570_mp.jpg
  2. Ohh I love it! Where did you find the pic? NM?
  3. Wow, I love the way the leather curves on it. Beautiful! Although how much could you fit in it?
  4. Megs, I really love this bag too!
  5. I don't get this bag at all. It looks like a bedroll crossed with a fortune cookie. Sorry guys!
  6. ^^^

    i'm not a fan either, et. i think it looks like a squashed up awkward looking version of the edith.
  7. ^^^ Someone else posted this bag earlier... I said it reminded me of a hotdog roll. I don't get the straps and wonder how much and what you can effectively put into the bag. I will pass on it, I prefer the original. :biggrin:
  8. I think this version is really ugly (sorry) it looks like a map roll - you know - you'll unbuckle it and it would have maps stored inside....
  9. LOL@map roll:nuts:
  10. I didn't mean to start a bag hating trend here!
  11. true I'm not feeling this bag at all. :weird:
  12. I love the contrasting stiching detail!!! But for me, I prefer the original edith -- probably because I'm waiting for mine to come ;)
  13. I can't tell from the design that it's from the edith family other that its stitches and buckle.

    Hmm I'm still not too hot about the satchel. Guess I still prefer the "briefcase" edith, it looks more classic and intellectual.
  14. The handle structure and where it attaches to the bag gives away the "Edith" link. But the bag itself does nothing for me. It looks tricky to get into. It doesn't look very functional.
  15. I agree. It's just too busy around the opening. Would be interested to see someone "trial run" it tho and give a review on the whole opening thing. But the design itself just doesn't cut it for me. It's like the bag imploded on itself:wacko:.