New Edith hobo!

I don't like it! I think the recent designs (post-Philo) have tried to capitalize on the original popularity of the Paddington and then Edith, but they have totally ruined the original idea of these designs. To me, they just look wrong.
It's not really oval at the base, I flattened the bag to take a picture of it - it really is beautiful IRL, a much softer bag (not structured) than the other Edith variants. Oddly, to me it looks less busy than the conteen I picked up.

Jag, I noticed you are in Michigan - I picked this up at the NM in Troy and there is a nutmeg bag at Saks

Here is a pic in nutmeg:


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I just saw it yesterday IRL and it looks really nice and is much more comfortable than the normal Edith.
I saw the Bay and patchwork, too and both had really nice and soft leather and they weren't as heavy as the ediths and Paddies.