NEW edith for fall.

  1. Someone at TFS posted a photo of a new variation of the Edith for fall. It looks like Edith and the YSL Muse mated. I don't think I like it - just wondering if anyone else had seen it yet and what you thought?
  2. I saw something like that on the lvr website - seems to have disappeared for the time being. Instead of 2 pockets, it had one elongated pocket.
  3. It looks awful on paper....
  4. My thoughts exactly! I saw it on the LVR-site too. A slouchier version of the muse...
  5. Oh, I need to see pics!
  6. I wonder what the price will be.............
  7. Will it be the "new" version of the Edith? Does this mean that our Ediths were one time productions? I hope so! That makes it more appealing to me.

    Or will they continue to release the current Ediths plus this new Edith? I would assume then, it wouldn't be called the "Edith". Or it would at least have a the "Edith Muse". lol.
  8. Here is a pic, they had it in red to - nice colour.
    Price: € 1195
  9. I think it could grow on me. It is kind of cute :yes:
  10. :hrmm: Hmmmmm, jury's still out on the new shape for me...

  11. ^^^This is what i'm dying to know too!
  12. The Edith as we know her is being continued. Yesterday when LVR's F/W preorder page had all the items on there (they're no longer showing - I think they're organising things, lol), I saw a few normal Ediths. There was one in a jade colour as well as black, from what I recall.
  13. Beauxgoris - You nailed it on the head when you said it looked like the Muse and Edith mated! I don't think I like this new version... It's a little too strange for me.

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Edith in Jade!! I gotta see it!:biggrin:
  15. A jade Edith??? Hold me back! I like the new one, as well. I hope LVR gets the new bags back up soon...keep us posted!