New? Edith Bowler/Bowling Bag

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  1. Okay Chloe-fans....
    Has anyone seen this style IRL?
    Photo is from NM.....Net-A-Porter calls it the Bowling Bag & NM the Bowler.
    Let me know your thoughts on this bag, etc.
    Would LOVE it in a Red???!!!
    Thanks for your assistance
    Edith Bowler or Bowling Bag.jpg
  2. I was looking at this bag online too. I think it's very cute. Never seen it irl.
  3. I like this bag never seen it irl though. I wonder if it's as bis as the original edith bowler.
  4. Hmm, haven't seen this one yet.


  5. I should have mentioned the dimensions:
    9 1/10 H x 12 3/5W x 5 1/2 D
    so, you can see that this is a smaller bag than the standard Edith satchel
  6. It's really beautiful. I've seen it in the gold metallic only. Any idea what other colours it comes in?
  7. Love the look of this bag just wish it was a bit larger.
  8. I like it! The color is fantastic! But never seen it IRL.