New Edith--Anyone likes this style?

  1. I saw this new style of Edith on BG website,never IRL.Anyone likes this style?:yes:
  2. It is cute but I think I like the loaf better. I just wish it came in red too. I love that color.
  3. Yeah, I posted that eariler this summer, it was dubbed the "MU-Dith" - half muse & half Edith!
  4. It is growing on me. It is similar to a YSL Muse bag, but with a more distressed look and the Edith front pocket breaks up the bowling ball carrier look. :yes:

    There is another similar one called the Cantina. It is on NM and BG website. It has another pocket in front on the top and the straps are longer for over the shoulder. This is a nice change for carrying an Edith. :girlsigh:
  5. never see it IRL yet. but def. love the pics... also the with the edith loaf. :love:
  6. I saw that one on the BG and Nm website, Isnt it a pain to buckle and unbuckle that flap on the top? It reminds me the MJ Venetia satchel's buckle on the top though.

    It bowling grows on me as well...Must be strong to resist this...:hysteric:
  7. I adore the pictures I have seen of it so far. I think it will be out in the next couple of weeks for real life viewings :biggrin: