New ebay seller.. dissapointed in how ebay works

  1. I'm new to being a seller at eBay and possibly very naive but i never thought eBay is as bad as it is. Buyers keep trying to pressure me in to canceling the listing and selling to them at a higher price and some people have offered to buy the bag outside of eBay which isnt allowed. its such a hassle! im thinking of never selling again on ebay after my listing are over.

    I'm almost tempted to end the listing of my purses because i'm scared of the homes my precious purses are going to go to! Alot of the people seem shady which is really scary!!!

  2. All of the issues I have read about on the forum have scared me from trying to sell anything or even buy anything recently.
  3. I've started to sell small ticket items. It has worked well for me so far. *knock on wood*
  4. Please just state in the listing your terms and conditions. such as please do not ask me to end the auction early or for an off ebay transaction as it is against ebay policy. People are taking advantage of you i think because you are a new seller. and please read around this forum for advice especially on safeguarding your money. Good luck there are a few good people on ebay, hope they come your way
  5. I think there are lots of good people on ebay. Just say no thanks if someone asks you to do something you're not interested in. (Sellers whose items lie dormant on ebay would envy all the interest your items are getting.)
  6. I totally agree with this statement. And if anyone tries to bully you, just block them from bidding on the auction so you don't have to worry about selling the item to them.

    Hang in there, there are some bad apples, but some very nice buyers too!
  7. I have had pretty good luck on ebay. Most of the sellers and buyers I have dealt with have been pretty honest. I like to think most people are that way...
  8. hhhmm...u shoudl stick to ebay rules and u will eb safe...
  9. Yeah - I've had a few wacky people, but for the most part nice ones -you just have to stick with Ebay rules - I've had people ask many times to sell them something outside Ebay - they usually email after the auction has ended w/o a buyer and try to get me to sell it to them super cheap. Good thing I'm only selling to clean out my closet (or was until the strike - nothing on now).
  10. I feel for you here. I just started in January selling on eBay (mostly Juicy items) and i already had TWO people not pay me. I haven't even sold 50 items yet! It almost makes me want to block 0 FB bidders, but then I've gotten some great 0 FB bidders so...:shrugs:

    Oh, and I'm also tired of international buyers who continuously harrass me to sell to them even though I already blocked off international buyers off the bidding list. I'll consider Canada on a case-by-case basis, but I'm not ready to tackle international yet. I would hate for a $200 JC dog carrier to get lost!

    That said, I haven't given up yet! I've just changed to selling lower-priced items instead.
  11. I have no idea why a buyer would want to buy something outside ebay. The seller pays all the fees and the buyer has all the protection. Maybe I'm missing something.