New ebay Powerseller benefits (includes nonconfirmed address being covered by Paypal)

  1. Saw the threads about the feedback changes but wondered what some of the other powersellers (or anyone) think of these changes which were also announced today. It sounds like a positive for those that want more protection selling expensive items and for selling overseas. This also sounds positive for buyers in certain countries who want to use Paypal but havent been able to.

    Expanded Seller Protection - New for eBay PowerSellers - Starting February 2008

    PowerSellers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France and Hong Kong are eligible to register for expanded PayPal seller protection for transactions on eBay and paid through PayPal. When transactions meet the terms of coverage, PowerSellers are protected against claims, charge-backs, reversals for unauthorized payments, and merchandise not received. This benefit is free to PowerSellers and transactions no longer require confirmed addresses to be covered. PayPal has also eliminated the annual coverage limit and extended protection to more countries around the world.

    Rewards & Standards

    Rewards for great sellers
    How are great sellers measured? Customers decide. They give sellers more stars in detailed Feedback if they are satisfied. These Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs), along with other indicators of customer satisfaction, will influence seller rewards and standards. Search Visibility
    Search visibility will be tied to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is reflected in a combination of DSRs, Feedback, and fewer complaints filed of an item being "significantly not as described" (SNAD) or "item not received" (INR). In March 2008, Best Match will become the default sort in search to give more buyers the results they want and will:
    • Increase exposure for sellers with DSRs 4.6 and above and at least 95% customer satisfaction in the last 30 days.
    • Decrease exposure for sellers with low customer satisfaction or Shipping & Handling DSRs.
    PowerSeller Rewards & Standards
    We're taking steps to give new meaning to PowerSeller status on eBay. Starting July, a score of 4.5 or more on all DSRs (based on the last 12 months) will be required for membership in the PowerSeller program. We will reward PowerSellers with fee discounts and other benefits for their record of excellent customer service. PowerSeller discounts on Final Value Fees (or Transaction Services Fees)
    • DSRs of 4.6 or more (based on the last 30 days): 5% Final Value Fee discount
    • DSRs of 4.8 or more (based on the last 30 days): 15% Final Value Fee discount
    Expanded seller protection from PayPal beginning February 2008
    • Protection for any shipping address, not just a confirmed address
    • Unlimited annual coverage, not just $5,000 per year
    • Global coverage, extended to 190 countries around the world
    Expanded and Extended Unpaid Item (UPI) Protection Program
    • Expanding to single-item fixed price listings
    • Extending refund of Feature Fees permanently
    Safe Payments
    To help ensure more buyers are protected, in some cases we'll require sellers to offer either PayPal or a merchant credit card to customers. PayPal buyer protection covers most qualified transactions up to $2000.00 USD. Sellers will only be required to provide this safe payment option to customers in certain situations:
    • For listings in riskier categories, like computers and cell phones
    • If the seller has 5% or more dissatisfied customers
    • If the seller has less than 100 Feedback
    In a small number of cases (fewer than 5% of all payments on eBay), PayPal will hold payment funds until either the buyer has left positive Feedback or 21 days have passed without a claim.
  2. I guess these threads will eventually be combined or something...

    As mentioned in other forums, buyers can extort a powerseller because having a negative has direct financial consequences. A buyer can say:
    "Accept my return after 2 weeks or I will give you 1's across the board"

    and the seller, if she sells a lot, needs to keep that 4.8, will probably just accept the return though the buyer only got remorse. It will be a bad place for sellers, and if google comes up with an auction platform, I'm jumping ship.
  3. The other threads seem to be focused on listing fee increases and buyers only getting positive feedback now. The major change of interest here is expanded protection for sellers when shipping to unconfirmed address (major impact for selling outside of US, UK and Canada) and expanding the annual cap of Paypal seller protection coverage.
  4. ^^ Ebay/paypal has protected shipments to unconfirmed addresses already in the past if you had a tracking number (anecdotal evidence, and personal experience), so it doesn't make a difference to me. They didn't advertise it but they did have this protection, at least when I used it, and I read on other forums.

  5. This is the first that l have heard of this -and l must admit that l would not do this until l have heard this from Paypal themselves, especially sending a high value item. It will have an impact as to how l will sell in future - that is if l continue with eBay!!!
  6. I agree with gtomad, unless it is in writing somewhere I don't trust it will always work for me.

    I am excited to learn more about the new seller protection, I would love to sell international without any worries!
  7. Well the first thing that stands out to me is the "Safe payments" part. Its great for a buyer but as a seller I dont like the fact that Paypal will not release my money until buyer leaves feedback OR if buyer is to lazy to do so, they will hang on to the money for 21 days and release it then IF there is no claim. There are some shady buyers out there that can really take advantage of a seller. I dont know if the circumstances will affect me if Im selling an expensive high end item such as a Chanel bag but Im willing to bet it will.

  8. this is called feedback extortion and is against ebay policy. if a buyer tried to do that, one only need to report it to ebay and the buyer would be suspended. i actually had an issue of feedback extortion a few months ago - it was a complete nightmare but ended up being resolved in the end.
  9. Yea, I think that is just a way for Paypal to collect interest on the money.
  10. the current terms and conditions definitely do not provide protection for paypal sales to unconfirmed addresses regardless of tracking outside of US, UK and Canada ; this is why so many seller will only allow paypal to confirmed addresses only...they must have made exceptions for cola but I definitely don't ship expensive items to unconfirmed addresses unless they use bank wire or payment other methods because of the stated policy

  11. A little more info from Jim Ambach, Vice President, Seller Experience:
    This year we're expanding this requirement to the following sellers-
    • a small number of sellers who have the worst buyer dissatisfaction rates
    • sellers with less than 100 feedback
    • sellers who list in certain categories with higher rates of buyer complaints.
    • Also, for a small number of these transactions paid with PayPal, when eBay suspects the transaction may result in a dissatisfied customer, PayPal will delay release of the payment funds to the seller until the buyer has left a positive feedback or 21 days have passed without a dispute.

    Is this legal ? Holding funds at the DISCRETION of eBay and Paypal to figure out when should the funds be held and not just to protect us from bad sellers, but sellers with less than 100 feedback, i.e. sellers that sell on occassion for much needed extra funds. This is going to be interesting....