New eBay policy


Jun 2, 2009
Here There and Everywhere.
I registered on eBay after being away for a while and I had to call and verify public record! :nuts: They asked me questions like "what previous county did you live in" and so forth. Do they have some new kind of policy going on?

Also, I listed my Chanel item (it is authentic, vintage, not really worth that much money anyway) and it was immediately removed. (Like within 5 minutes, before it was even searchable.)

Has eBay come to that now? It used to be a great market place, but how can people other than big time scammers get around on eBay? There are tons and tons of fakes on there as we speak, but my little ol' item gets yanked down seconds into the process.

Is there something new going on that I'm not aware of?


Dec 6, 2008
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^^ They probably removed the Chanel because you were a brand new registered user listing a high end item. There's tons of instances where they removed authentic items and they've also started putting certain restrictions on the amount of high end items you can list within a 30 day period. There have been many many changes- take a look around the eBay forum.

You may try Bonanzle as another avenue also.