New eBay extension for Firefox Users (eBayBuddy)

  1. Hi everyone. I made a nifty firefox extension and I'd like to know what other eBay users think of it
    before I upload it to the Firefox Add-ons site, and since I read here a lot I thought I'd ask here.

    It simply adds a site map of eBay to your context menu as seen in the pictures.
    It gives you quicker access to navigate eBay and other related tools using your right-click context menu.
    If you're concerned about security dont worry, You do not log in using it and it dose not record info or
    anything like that. It is just mainly a collection of links in a form of easy access. I use it for finding
    the category I want to sell in and the many fast advanced search options and links to other sites like ups,
    usps, fedex tracking and html tools, etc.

    I've been testing it for a while and found no bugs but mainly want to know what other tools would
    make this more useful to users. Please give me feedback if you try it out because I spent some time
    on it and would like to improve it if possible. Thanks a lot. :biggrin: Nikki,

    Download eBayBuddy0.1.2007.xpi Here To install, just download to your desktop then
    drag and drop that file anywhere in your firefox browser..
    It works with all versions of firefox.



    [​IMG] :biggrin:
  2. i like this. i am going to run it by my computer whiz bf tonight and see if i can use it!! thanks for the link!
  3. Interesting ..
    let us know what your BF Comp kings says...
  4. Hi photoobsessive. Thanks, I'm happy you like it.
    I also posted it over at the Extension Mirror and the Administrator just gave it a nice review and uploaded it to his server. :yahoo:
    I was thinking of making different versions for all the international ebays, but that would be a lot of work. :s
  5. Hi everyone. My extension was approved by firefox so here is the official link.

    If you find it useful your comments would be very appreciated there. :cry: