New east west (coral)

  1. The newest addition the coral e/w. Hope you like her.
  2. The coral is gorgeous! I have a coral caviar flap from last spring, and love it! :smile: Enjoy your beautiful bag!

  3. Beautiful!!! Love her!!!
  4. I saw this color in person and I absolutely LOVE it for spring/summer! Enjoy it!
  5. AMAZING colour, i adore it!!!!!!! beautiful bag, congrats!
  6. Ohhhh preetty! I SO want an e/w classic flap...
  7. Sooooooooooooo pretty!!! :nuts: :love:

    OMG - I want one!! LOL...

    Congrats!!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. So beautiful. I love that color. Great for spring/summer.

  9. you should take a pic out in the sunlight so her real beauty can shine. congrats~
  10. Agree with sweet_pees, the coral in brighter light is absolutely TDF!!!

    Congrats on getting such a gorgeous purse!!!
  11. Lovely!
  12. Wow! Great color!
  13. so beautiful ^^ love it ^^
  14. I love that color!
  15. Wow!! I wish I could see that color IRL!! Congrats!! :yahoo: