New earrings :)

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  1. I just came back from Chanel Boutique and wanted to share with lovely ladies my little excitement for these cuties.... :heart: :biggrin:

    ( sorry Orange H shopping bag at the something small from there as well...:graucho:

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  2. I can't wait to see!!!
  3. Can't wait !!
  4. here!
  5. Here!!! cant wait to see
  6. This is LIVE reveal but sorry I am not a good teaser :biggrin: also gotta pick up my kids from school soon, so here you go.... :cutesy:


    I attached the tags in the photo for ladies here in case people would like to ask me but I am sorry I'm going to hop in the car soon for pick up my kids...:sweatdrop:

    Left one is A36138 $375. This pairs is classic style and I missed buying last years since these are always around and I usually wear more simple boyish style silver tone Chanel earrings, but I thought they're very nice to have in my collection. I like to wear with little nice dresses.

    Middle one is $350. Unfortunately it did not come with tag and forgot to ask style code number. This pairs is from past season's and I really wanted this one since I own same necklace from past season's. I did not expect it but the boutique had last pairs luckily today!

    Right one is A97128 $425
    I was going to buy just 2 earrings today but really liked this pairs so much as these are not show off too much CC and I own too many CC studs style. I can wear nicely in dairy too. They're really so pretty and couldn't resist, and I am so happy that I got :heart:

    Thanks for letting me share!! Have a lovely weekend everyone!!!! :wave:
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  7. I love the dainty one on the far right! All absolutely lovely.
  8. Gorgeous pieces ♡
  9. Congrats hun ,they are all so pretty!!! I have the first ones and they are a perfect drop and not heavy at all.. the middle ones have always called out to me and I regret not getting them. Happy Mothers Day
  10. They all are beautiful earrings! Congrats!
  11. Thanks soooo much sweet ladies!!! :smile:
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  12. Right side box didn't have boutique's ribbon and camelia just because I used the earrings right away :P
    I think they're right size for dairy just like I picked my kids up directly from shopping...
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  13. Nice earrings, congrats!
  14. Thank you Makenna!! :smile:
  15. Hi! Sorry for my delayed response since family outing weekend. This earrings was display one on the earrings tray and the last paris at the boutique, so SA could not find the tag but I just realized and found the receipt has style #
    Here you go, Hope you can ask stores and find it. Goodlcuk & Happy mothers day!

    Style # A61453Y02343. $350.
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