New earrings

  1. My Chanel earrings with the rhinestones arrived today. I've got teeny ears, so I got the smaller ones. This is the best picture we could get. With the flash, it was so shiny you couldn't see anything, and it's a little dark without the flash.
  2. They're so dainty, I love it! Fits your ear perfectly
  3. I agree with Jen, very dainty.
  4. It's soooo cute!!! I want them now... :tender:
  5. So nice!!!!!!!
  6. Congrats, those are very cute!
  7. so cute!!
  8. Beautiful! Welcome to the stud club!
  9. Very cute!
  10. Tammy, they are totally gorgeous! The look very cute on!
    Congrats on a FAB purchase!
    Thanx for posting.
  11. They fit you perfectly! Congrats!
  12. They are so cute. I have the same ones plus the big ones. COngrats
  13. Beautiful!!
  14. Thanks, everyone! I love these. I'm wearing them around the house today, even though I'm not going anywhere. They're just so cute!:love:
  15. I love them. I want a pair also.