New Earrings :-)

  1. Hi!

    I went during lunch today to Chanel in Soho and got these. :yahoo: Aren't they pretty?

    Sorry for such a crappy pic I'm at work and it was taken with my SK2.
    chanel studs.jpg
  2. preeeeetty! you have to get a real camera!
  3. i know!! need to stop procrastinating!

    hmmm camera? or chanels? hmmm :graucho:
  4. get BOTH! we need to seeeeeeee what you have!
  5. i know i know lol

    my lil bag collection needs to be shown off
  6. Great earrings! Congratulations!
  7. thank you!!
  8. very pretty!! i would love to buy a pair like that! i'm saving my money for a chanel handbag though. :girlsigh:
  9. yeah i didn't even want to look at the bags lol torture!! the earring were $210.

  10. :cry: I really, really want one of those. Just called the store here in canada and there's a 1 YEAR waiting list...

    Congratulations though... It's soooooo nice!!!;)
  11. I love these!! I have them and wear them constantly!! Rock em girl!!
  12. these are gorgeous! too bad im saving for my blooooomin holiday coming up :sad:
  13. congrats. I have these studs and just love them. they are classic.
  14. Poor us, huh:push: ??

    Grats on the earrings, gorgeous! I luv all my Chanel accessories!!
  15. very nice! congrats!