New dustbag! :(

  1. My boyfriend bought me a pair of chanel earrings (interlocking C's with crystals) from NM and they didn't come with a dustbag, which is supposedly their "new thing" :confused1: --I read that from another thread. Do the dustbags only come if you buy it at the independent Chanel boutiques? Should I go and ask them for one?? or what should I do?? :shrugs:
  2. when i bought my earrings from a boutique...they only came in a box with a tag. no dustbag.
  3. Maybe it's because the earrings you got were older pairs, meaning they were at NM before dustbags were being included. I got a pair of earrings from Saks last month and got the dustbag as in the pic below... So it can't be the fact they didn't come from a boutique.

  4. Nanami, I agree with you. I actually have a pair of the interlocking C's from last year without a dustbag. Letsgo, I think it might be an older pair.