new earrings from SCP

  1. yesterday after seeing Selena's gorgeous new earrings, i rushed over the chanel boutique. i tried on a pair of CC studs which i thought were so adorable. they are a black enamel CC outlined in silver with tiny silver camellias. i had the SA look for a new pair in a box (didn't want to buy the display earrings) and had not opened the box up 'til now. she sold me the dangling version of the earrings (hoops with the CC charm dangling off them)! it's cute but not what i wanted. :push:
    so i'm going back to SCP this weekend to see if the studs i wanted are still there and i'll just return these. i think there's a LV meet-and-greet at SCP on sunday (feb 11) which i'm going to attend. maybe some of the OC chanel gals here want to come too? how fun would that be?! :nuts:
    noirfront.jpg noir closeup.jpg
  2. The earrings are adorable!!!:yahoo:
  3. oh pretty!
  4. i love that pair of earrings! soooooooo cute!
  5. Very pretty.
  6. These are so nice. I just ordered the small CC's.

  7. LOVE them!!!
  8. OMG...they're sooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I love them!
  10. Those are freaking CUTE!!! Keep em and still get the others! LOL
  11. Ohhh I LOVE!!!! Congrats!! :heart: Emmy
  12. AWWWWW!!!!!! Those are darling, I love them!!!!!!
  13. Love those earrings! Gimme gimme gimme! I wish I lived in the OC, I'd party with y'all!! :party:
  14. bad bad woman! LOL!

    i am supposed to be saving up for a huge purchase, but it's so hard to resist all the new chanel accessories!
  15. OMG those are sooooooo cute - great choice! :yes: