New Dylan colors

  1. And if these new colors are springing up on other sites...when is LP going to have them on their site??!!
  2. The color of those wallets does not look nearly as pretty as the bags look on the LB site.
  3. ITA!! On Luna Boston's FB page, they modeled some of the new colors and they are beautiful.
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    The new Spring colors are gorgeous but I really, really wish they would've done a creamy khaki-ish color....something neutral but not as heavy as brown or black and not as white as the creamy sand color. I really want one but I am really craving a lighter neutral for the warm weather. :sad:

    I adore the new turquoise color but I know it would be too bold for me to carry daily.
  5. I love the new turquoise Dylan Medium tote. It's on my list as my next LP to acquire. :smile:
  6. That new brown is tdf. I might actually get a new DZT in that color so I have a backup for my scotch that's fairly similar color.
  7. Anyone know the colours available for LP SPRING too?