New dustbag is ripping!!!

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  1. So, I just bought my spy bag...probably taken it out the bag 2x and noticed that the seems are ripping where the drawstring is!!! I know it's just a dustbag but still!! Should I call to get another??? I feel that such an expensive bag should have a good dustbag.
  2. Yeah, SPY bags come with crappy dustbags!:rant: Call them! I would.
  3. Oh yeah, my thread is coming off too but I just live with it. Fendi sleepers are the worst around.
  4. use a pillowcase, order a new one but they are all crappy quality and the same thing will happen you would think a $1000+ bag would entittle you to a decent dustbag? a cotton pillowcase works just fine it allows the bag to breath and protects it
  5. When I saw the dustbag that came with my Spy, I was like...yuck!
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