New Dustbag dust cover for lv?

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  1. This maybe old news for some but I purchased a mono cles and pochette acessories 2 weeks ago and they came with a new type of dust bag!! Unlike the creamy yellowish linen-like cloth, it came in a fuzzy soft felt cloth in the same color with "Louis Vuitton" written on it. It feels thicker and a bit more luxurious than the older kind. I'm excited!!!! :wlae:
  2. Aren't they nicer??? I am glad LV changed them.
  3. yes i like the new ones better too. :yes:
  4. I like the cotton drill ones they have now better than the felt...less pilling
  5. what's the difference of the new dustbag compare w/the older one(back in 04)?
  6. I noticed this too with the dustbag that came with LV Sophie. It does feel thicker and luxurious.
  7. Yah, I like that it's softer.
  8. I don't know what the new dustbags look like, but I have one dustbag that is much softer and thicker than others. I love it! I wish all my dustbags were the same.
  9. Yes ... the new dustbags are kinda of a combo of the older softer version and the newer linen ones. I purchased a monogram Koala wallet and monogram multicles rabat and both came with the new smaller dustbags. It's nice they are now giving dustbags for monogram accessories as well. They use to just wrap them in tissue paper...
  10. I like the new dustbags better...everything I bought since september came with new style dustbag...
  11. I like them too, way better than the thin linen type ones.
  12. My favorites were the old darker beige flannel LEAST favorite were those weird linen ones. They were way too stiff..but these newer ones are a lot nicer. :yes:
  13. ^I like the old beige ones too, they were thicker and softer than the new linen ones.
  14. I also prefer the older Dustbags. Like the linen ones the least--seemed to hard and stiff. The new ones are better.
  15. yup the linen ones seemed a bit rough w/ their bags but lv said something about the fuzz coming off of the old old dustbags. the new ones aren't so fuzzy but they're still soft and thick =]