new dust bag?

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  1. I got my damier speedy 30 for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it. But when I got it, they gave me a dust bag that requires you to fold the speedy to store it. I was wondering if there were any websites or any way that I could get a draw string dust bag. TIA!
  2. l know, l dont use it....l'm not sure, you could buy them on ebay, but l heard that have stopped that now.....l use a pillowcase if l have to :smile:
  3. Can you not ask your SA for a larger dust bag?
  4. Go back to the LV store with your dustbag (and hopefully a receipt) and ask if you can switch dustbags for a larger drawstring bag. The Speedy normally comes with a flat dustbag but when I purchased mine several years ago, I asked my SA to swap dustbags with a drawstring bag - it looks like a large pillowcase with a gathering.
  5. You can take the dustcover and your receipt in and as long as they have extras available, your SA can make a switch for you. LV is now sending the dustcovers with the model tag attached from the factories, so the abundance of dustcovers the boutiques use to get has dwindled. LV has also recently instructed the boutiques to provide giftboxes to those transactions where the item is a gift (with gift receipt) or when the customer requests one. LV is trimming back costs. SA told me they are telling customers for environmental reasons; however, SA told me this too is to cut costs, to save $$$$.
  6. This is why I will be ordering things online from now on... you are pretty much guaranteed a box, because of packaging. I hate how LV is cutting back like this and trying to maximize profit any way possible. Every business wants a profit... but they are cutting out what people want. I would say 8/10 customers WANT a box to come with their bag, wallet, accessory, etc. The catalogs... don't matter to me, but they need to get the website up to par. They need to include the Les Extradinaires stuff and others.
  7. I tried calling LV once to see if they sold dustcovers and they said no. I didn't think they had extras or would swap out since each bag has a specific size it comes tih. But would be worth calling.
  8. I asked for extra dustcovers to 'stuff' my lockit (it kept losing it's shape when I stored it)- and they just gave me a couple free of charge. If you have a friendly SA they will just give you some.