new dust bag? with choc on choc carly?

  1. I just got my chocolate on chocolate carly from the coach pce sale delivered fedex ..its sooo pretty:yahoo:. It came in the brown coach box with the bow. But Iwas suprised the dustbag that it came in is different than all my others. Its very silky. are these new?:confused1:
  2. Mine came in that silky type bag, too, when I received it in the mail. I got an older style one on the bag I bought at the store.
  3. I just ordered a carly from another state, came today in the same dustbag you are describing.. silky!
  4. I want one :drool:. Is it nice??
  5. When I bought my khaki/black Carly at the boutique the SA said it came with their new dustcovers. They are silky!
  6. :sad: mine was plain and regular from JAX with my brown on brown carly
    I wanna see this new dustbag and I wanna have one! LOL
  7. me TOO!!! :push:
  8. me three! :push:
  9. someone post a comparison pic with the older ones please??
  10. I would love to see too!!!
  11. I got one too w/ my khaki/black carly at the botique last week!
  12. Someone post pics!!!!!
  13. As soon as my Carly arrives I will post pics if it has the new bag.
  14. They're dark brown, like the old dust bags, except made of a silk-per se fabric, the drawstring is silver, and the COACH logo on the bag is silver to. I was told they're the new duster that all the future bags will be coming with. I've yet to see any other bag though being supplied with the "next generation" duster.
  15. I want one...I guess I'll have to buy a new bag to get bad. ;)