New Duffel Bag

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  1. Looking around for a new luggage or duffel bag. Something not too large, just big enough for day trips. And preferably unisex-looking too so that everyone in the family can borrow it hee. Any suggestions? Not more than 1.5K. I tot the Fendi Spy Bag is a good idea although my SO or my bro can't use it.

    I saw this new Gucci ad where the guy carries this black Guccissima duffel bag. U can check it out on the gucci website (may need to refresh it a few times to get it out). U think it looks nice? Or should i get the new Prada canvas duffel (brown color canvas with the Prada logo imprinted, with red leather lining)? Or any other suggestions? Will try to post pics soon
  2. I have the Guccissima top handle purse. I LOVE IT. Getting it in a duffle would be beautiful. But I'd be so paranoid to scratch it up... However, I'd drool over it!
  3. This is the gucci one I'm talking about. Quite unisex right?

  4. I think so - it certainly looks good on the guy in the picture.
  5. I like the new gucci bag because it looks like the big brother of my trouville hee. How about these 2 LV bags?

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  6. I love the shape of the Gucci bag, it reminds me a lot of these yoga/gym bags that are very popular in Canada.

    And that damier bag is to die for, soooo cute, it's like a little soft cube !
  7. Ok more choices.

    The first 2 are LV.
    The last one is a Balenciaga. Too ex btw at nearly 2K.