New du voyage en auto bandeau and the monogram shawl in blue denim!


Jul 16, 2007
Just came back from LV and was planning on doing a reveal today, but the monogram Shawl had snags on it so I wasn't able to get it today. My SA reordered the Monogram shawl brand new which I am happy about and the larger bandeau in light pink and light grey which is gorgeous. The monogram shawl was an unexpected purchase but we'll worth it. Will do a reveal tomorrow. I am thinking of getting the Marly or Alma mm in dune and the bandeau matches with it so well, but I gotta wait until next month to get the bag. So excited! My SA is so wonderful and glad that she's back from her wedding vacation. :P feeling excited...:smile:


Mar 3, 2013
Very exciting :yahoo: The Blue Denim Monogram Shawl is lovely and the bandeau is super cute! I love Dune :tender: Either will be a beautiful bag to look forward too, GLD!