NEW Drilldown - How to use it

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  1. I posted this in the thread, but so it doesn't get lost, here's how to use the drilldown (as seen in other treads and mostly quoted here):
    To reiterate, and hopefully not confuse, there is a similar DD link that I tend to use:
    If you are looking for something, you need the item number (above shown as 42030), hardware code (above shown as b4 or sv), and color code (of leather or other material, above as te and gs).

    A partial list of color codes and more hardware codes can be found here: and will be updated in the near future.
  2. :bump: Thank you, cz22!!
  3. Very cool, thanks for the info!
  4. Dude, cz, you ROCK! That's amazing...I've missed the drilldown!
  5. Thank you so much!
  6. cz22 - Thanks! I learned the new drilldown from you, but it's so helpful to have all of the info in one place. BTW, I love that the new drilldown can show you actual colors instead of a random color, but I HATE trying to figure out some of the color and hardware codes!
  7. Thanks! Now it's going to take some practice because I've tried a few times and can't get things to come up.
  8. I gotta try this out...see if I can make it work! :smile:
  9. I am still confused lol..
  10. Some things may not come up if Coach doesn't have pics yet. If you're trying some of the unreleased items, that frequently happens.
  11. Thanks for the positive feedback!

    Try it out with something you know to learn how to use it.
    Like the small Sabrina 12937 in berry with brass hardware... (Pop quiz! :lol:)
    Once you can get a picture to work, it will be a little more understandable how to get others to work. Though, sometimes you just have to play and guess if you are trying to find new stuff. Like BL said, pictures aren't always available for new stuff even if we know the number and colors. If you have a certain bag in mind and you don't know the color or color code, calling JAX or your boutique can help. :biggrin:

    I do have a longer color code list, I just need some more time... I should be able to update the color code thread within a week.
  12. Thanks cz for posting this! I'm glad I started that color coding thread, looks like it has been useful! :biggrin:
  13. thanks, i think i have mastered it =]

    now im going to try to find the DD for each item in my collection for practice....
  14. AAAHHH So, this is how to use the drilldown! Awesome ..thanks CZ22!!
  15. Thanks for the info!! :biggrin: