New Drill in Black

  1. Hi All

    I did a search and could not find the price of this bag, so please forgive if it's been posted.

    Does anyone know how much this is? I saw it the other day and it's not blingy as someone else had posted.

    TIA - M
    Dark Drill.jpg
  2. I believe it's $2195.
  3. Thank you! :flowers: - M
  4. Does the Drill have the perforated soft leather....? If that is the one I saw two days ago, it is you know what sizes it comes in, the one I saw had an unusual size, not too big,not too small, LOVED IT!!!!!!!:heart:H
  5. Hi Habanerita

    It is the perforated one and I don't even know the size. It's between a medium and large. There is a smaller flap version out that is the size of a small flap; however, it's not as cute.

    I'm loving this one too! M
  6. It is a very soft squishy bag. Nothing like caviar!
  7. i was told it was lambskin.
  8. the lookbook says it's veau= calfskin, it's very beautiful!
  9. I saw this at NM. It is beautiful. The hardware has both gold and silver (sounds strange but trust me, it isn't)

    It is a VERY nice bag. I saw it in black and a tan color (a woman was buying tan)
  10. I have the larger size (attached) in dark silver and agree it is not as "bling" as it looks. Sorry my resizing is pretty poor! It is pretty dark silver and has undertones of grey/ lavender in the colour. The rings where the chain goes through and the square closure are gold while the majority of the hardware is silver so i guess it is unusual. It is listed as "perforated calfskin" in both english and french in the catalogue. The larger size is GBP1380 and the "classic flap" is GBP1070.
    It really is super soft though and is getting softer with each wear. I am really pleased with it!
    drill edit 1.JPG
  11. I LOVE the Drill! I shot these pics while in Miami. I think the boutique had them as well as Saks. There is the Drill that just has the flap and then this drill with the "accordian" sides. I think this one is larger than the one posted above by Posh Honey?

    I only saw this size but it may come in two sizes. This size was $2795. They come in black, silver and gold as far as I've seen! This may be my next bag!
    drill1web.jpg drill3web.jpg
  12. I had to think long and hard to not get the black tote. I love it so much... but I convinced myself I would not get enough wear out of it. I adore the look and especially the shape of the tote. It's nice and roomy.

    My one big concern was the chain strap. It didn't have the leather at the top, like the one pictured above ^^ and that leather is essential in helping the straps stay on my shoulder. The Drill Tote chains kept slipping off and twisting them didn't help them stay put.
  13. Update: I just found out that the bag I like, that I posted above, comes in this "shiny" calfskin leather but it ALSO comes in a non-shiny Lambskin! Jason at the Bellagio has both in stock, if anyone is interested!